Yeah, I’m just digging myself deeper on this speech bubble confusion here. The worst part is I could have made it way more clear they were talking on over their helmet communications if I’d used that sort of speech bubble when they first appeared, but no, that would have been too easy. Anyway…

Miko’s denial is pretty specific there… 😐 Though to be fair it’s probably just that’s the only part Miko would find offensive. I’m starting to wonder if Miko even realizes no one else can hear the ‘invisible fairy’.

I’m doing a Q&A Post. Got questions? Ask ’em!


Taking Questions for the Next Q&A

Additionally, the sketch book was updated, you can see it here. Been posting more over there again. We are 83% of the way to the next Patreon goal; many thanks to the newest Patreon 😉 If we do hit the goal, I’ll put the next one up for vote. Still got a ways to go on that front though 😉

I think the buffer will hit 3 this week. While there is only 1 more finished page, there is 1 with line art done and 2 more with the rough sketches done. Running off a buffer as made it so I can work across several at the same time, which is a very curious work pattern for someone that’s lived pen-to-publish as long as I can remember… 😛