No, no, Miko, tell us how you really feel. No need to be so polite about it.ย Miko’s utter contempt for danger and or caution is something we’ve seen before when giving Mir a rather frank opinion. While Miko struggles to hold a proper conversation, ranting is something entirely different.

The “it” referred in panel… 7?… is probably a reference to Miko’s invisible fairy.

I assure you there is a good reason Miko’s bag has a counter agent to the IDS gas. Miko’s bag is prepared for many things.

The part the slows down the IDS Solider here is less the rant and more then language it is delivered. Locals do not speak that language, and Miko is very definitely fluent if nothing else.

Tyler is still trying to process the last few twists of his life. It’s a state of life that makes taking things from strangers that appear and start yelling in a different language seem like a better idea. His options were sort of limited, it’s not like passing out would have improved his odds of not being poisoned/drugged/bad-thinged.

So many words… is there a betting pool on how many spelling/grammar errors? ๐Ÿ˜