Okay, so when Rovak put “speaks fluent Good Guy” on his resume he was fudging a bit. I mean, how hard can it be? He got there. Sort of.

The message on the monitor in the last panel reads:

“Attention! The Lab is Currently Experiencing an Intrusion.

Dear Intruder. I cannot find an appointment for your Intrusion, and find it conflict with prior arrangements. Kindly Reschedule for a more convenient time.”

Regarding the Q&A – it turns out I am gigantic moron, and I am very sorry. It seems the email address I listed did not, in fact, work. This is both somewhat… err… stupid, and sort of a dick move on my part 😐

I have replaced it with an older email address (alimilw@gmail.com) that I am very sure works. I have no idea why the other one stopped working, but for the time being we are going back to this one until I get that sorted out. This is the problem with being too tricky with all these mirrored email address…

In fact, if you have tried to send me an email I didn’t reply, please follow up with me again! I am very sorry for the confusion on that front πŸ™

So… I’ve delayed it to Monday.

There isΒ another vote incentive character poll! It features some new and some old ones. I’m going to try to do some more fancier arts (the digital painting ones) but no promises. You can find polls below the comments.