Despite Arron and Mium’s objections, I think Arron is a diplomat. Just not perhaps the best, and sort of a reluctant one. He’s a diplomatic not by proficiency but by necessity, as the person that wants to keep the world from breaking always has to play the diplomat constantly, so it’s sort a role by relegation in a world where everyone else is trying to change something.

I realize that due to some shaky planning in chapter structure, this will probably be the longest chapter yet. Ultimately the chapters are not really important to me though… I’m not entirely sure why I structure it into chapters in the first place given that I treat them with such disregard. A more clever story out-liner probably would have relegated our point of view characters by chapter or something, but that ship has sailed.

So far buffer is holding steady at a week, so that’s good. Hopefully it will be built up more in the future.

For the better or the worse I’m hearing rumblings at the my work that I’ll be extended on my current client indefinitely (not really, but till the end of the year or so); I think that’s generally good news for the comic as it means mostly status quo, and status quo has been fairly stable updates. There is a decent chance that when that project ends I’ll look at some of the other options regarding work, but that’s a future problem for the time being.