Buffer still under control. Status normal. Etc. Next page will be uploaded to Patreon as soon as I’m down uploading this page to here. ‘Tis a special page, that next page, I must admit, though for a bit of a peculiar reason, so don’t think too much about it 😉

I updated the cast height chart I’ve been doing, you can see the updated version here, but it’s just +4 characters. Part three will be the MSB Characters and maybe some extra Levenworth characters (Magnolia, Maia…  mostly because they are respectively the tallest and shortest characters I think).

A new vote incentive is still on the ‘to-do’ list. It hasn’t escaped the radar yet. But… uh… the radar can sometimes pick stuff up a long way off. Soon*.

As for the page, well, Miko. That’s pretty much all I got to say there.

*I would like to submit that the word ‘soon’ is generally understood to mean any of the following: ‘soon’, ‘not soon’, ‘maybe never’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘soonish’ and ‘maybe’.