If Peter seems like he’s had a long day, well, I think I had a long day today, and my day was still a day… it’s been a little over a month since we’ve seen him, and he’s just now getting to the end of his day… (okay bad meta joke I feel bad now 😉 ).

To be honest, I did not intentionally draw Evan offering to shake hands left handed, so don’t read too much in that. Its a common problem when drawing the flip the hands if your paying much attention. I ended up leaving it because he was extending the same hand in all panels, so it was consistent, if just an odd choice. I guess he’s left handed now. Of course, if I’d just shut up about it, the chance that people would have noticed would be lower… 😉

Some people are probably going to be cheated that I changed scenes, but, come now, did anyone not expect a scene change there? That was basically a guaranteed scene change… :p ; fear not, we have much to learn this chapter still.