Err… yes, Peter the unregulated part is what makes it smuggling. Plain boring vanilla inter-dimensional smuggling. I mean, why even both track something like that, don’t you have better things to be doing Tyler?

Poor Tyler.

Yes… the tool is called “SuperComplicatedDimensionalDectector”. Yes, that’s incredibly loose map of Malsa. No, I don’t guarantee it will look exactly like that in the future. No, computers are not all in black and white in this world, I’m just indecisive on how to draw them, so go for the low detail vague approach…

I think we are beginning to see why the IDS is not thrilled to have Peter running around being Peter.

I’ve developed a new tactic to talk about the art of the comic. I type up a commentary where I spend most of the time complaining about the art. Then I delete it. Then I type up another commentary. You’re welcome! πŸ˜€

Also, yes, I totally lied about the last comics format probably not setting a precedent. Once freed from the cruel tyranny of page sized comics I don’t see going back consistently. We’ll see. Let me know if they new format bugs you too much and I’ll take it into consideration.