Going to be honest, I find it pretty distracting the the text is offset in some of the speech bubbles. This is the sort of thing I try to fix before I post something officially, but currently… yeah, still no access to the software that actually edits the speech bubbles. I’ll be back on the 1st and can fix things like that and all those wonderful Glaring Grammatical Gaffe That I Totally Noticed Before People Promptly Pointed Them Out That I Totally Would Have Definitely Fixed If It Wasn’t For Dang Deficient Software. Totally. 😉

Palindra does have a GPS system, though it does not work the same way the one here on earth that we might be familiar with does, exactly. Palindra does have satellites, though I suspect as we learn more about their space faring technology some people will be more… less impressed.

As has probably become evident, Kally did not do a whole lot of… mission planning, in her prior role. More like, “hey, that thing needs dragon-ing, maybe you should dragon it”. Sort of. There’s more to story of how she ended up here, that I’m in sure we’ll get to someday. Maybe Minus More Years.