There is an obvious typo. So obvious that I found it. Unfortunately, I do not currently have the ability to fix it. I will fix it on the 30th, when I’m back home. Yes, that haunts even me to a degree…

So far I’ve not got much done while on vacation, but my vacation only properly started today, so we’ll see. I’m having a bit of trouble with my travelling tablet, which is the sort of thing that inevitably happens, but has inevitably happened.

This comic occurs pretty close on the heels of Minus Years 1, so… yeah, Peter and Kally having a conversation still generally can be represented by a train crashing into a pile of awkward, with light dusting of wtf on top.

Query is not very good at opening doors, but due to the wonders of modern security, quite good at unlocking them usually. If anyone ever tells you that maybe your deadbolt would be more convenient if it was connected to your phone, perhaps have some skepticism.

I’ve decided to Pause my Patreon for this month, as I’m not really able to deliver them new content (as they’ve already seen the Minus Years comic). I will resume the Patreon in December when I can resume making new content (where I’ll put up the next pages as this segment of Minus Years finishes running here). As always, I really appreciate everyone who has does or has supported there – I really do want to aim to make it a better value proposition (beyond just my appreciation for the support), but such things are complicated 🙂