I think today we see a bit of what we will know as Kally in the future as the Kally in the of the past. She is necessarily overcoming being shy and awkward, but she is grumpy and has already lost any illusion that a conversation with Peter will follow any sort of norms. Peter, well, less so, because the change in Peter is more drastic and tied to events we haven’t seen much yet, but we still get a classic Peter answers a question with a lot of words and only faint brushes of substance. But that has been part of Peter since the beginning of time. In fact, with him, it could be said there is inverse ratio between words and useful information. Probably where Mium got that habit.

But we do see a bit of Peter’s more… obsessive side, I guess, in Minus Years. It doesn’t show up as much in the main comic has he taken most instances of sincerity out back and shot them, so you only see it when he’s under stress.

So we will probably just go ahead and finish Minus Years next week (it has 6 pages). This gives me some time get the buffer back up, and sort through stuff (am flying home tomorrow). Maybe we will start with actual updates on Monday, but may as well see this through at this point.

I think I will continue this segment of minus years for another 4-6 pages, but those aren’t written yet so they will go to on Patreon till the next time we have an intermission. Once I do that, we can have a new goal, or vote on the next bonus comic series or something. I am thinking of buying a new drawing table. Economically, this is unreasonable, but I think it would have a positive effect on quality of drawing time, so it might be worth it. I worry that it will be a slippery slope though, cause then maybe I’d want to get a new desk as I’m not sure it will fit on my current one.

I have some updates to the cast and setting pages I think will go live next week, will link to them when they are updated. Need to go over them to make sure there no spoilers or thing I will regret saying 🙂