This comic is a wee bit later than expected since I realized just before posting that Tyler’s coat lacked a collar, which was tragic, so I had to fix it, and fixing art is a little tricky due to some of my process steps. Still, no one would probably have known is color was added in post production if I hadn’t mentioned it… 😛

Anyway… comic. Peter walks that fine line between childish and brilliant. You can never know what side of the fence he’s going to land on, but telling him he can’t do something, well… that’s a good way to bring out the side that makes less-good-decisions sometimes, fortunately he seems to have been interrupted, unfortunately he seems to have be interrupted by a double scoop of trouble.

All around this situation is unfortunate. It just seems like the sort of thing that would make a bunch of suspicious people even more suspicious. I spent more time than I care to admit working on Peter’s sigh on the insight panel. Not sure I’d call it a success, but I figured at least people would understand it with the sigh rather the various other effects I considered (ranging from more manga-ish effects to more onomatopoeic things).

And yes, the sky is now actually blue. And has clouds. It’s sorta weird. I think we are leaving our grey-scale background roots, and that’s scary. But I think in time it’ll be for the best 😉