Man, we are a little over 2 months till the comic will have been online for a year. Not sure how I feel about that. Guess I got two months to get this thing ship-shape.

That first panel is why I have nightmares about drawing backgrounds. I’ll try to draw more though I guess – practice makes perfect and all. Speaking of which I will warn you in advance there is a pallet update for backgrounds in wednesdays update. I try not to make jarring changes, but I’ve kicked up the vibrancy a bit. We’ll try it out.

I think I said that I would cut back to Kally vs the mech; guess I lied 😛 ; while things are planned out ahead to an extent, I do shuffle them around for pacing here and there and sometimes I have to drop a few pages here and there – things always go slower than I account for somehow… 😛

I think it’s safe to say that Rilion was officially of negative value here from Otte’s point of view as her appearance seems to have done the opposite of delaying Kally…

Vote Incentive.
Speaking of Kally… the new vote incentive is pretty Kally centric as we take a look at Kally-through-the-ages. As it says there, the older appereance is strictly non-canon since I don’t plan on ever having a flash-forward arc, and for the plot to get there the comic will have had to be running for a very long time, and who knows what things will look like by then 😛

The younger two are subject to change, but are places are timelines that will probably be seen at some point – either in flashbacks or bonus comics. I figure Patreon will hit one of it’s bonus comic mini-series goals at some point and I’ll have to actually cough up the promised reward :P, plus it helps me establish the characters identity in looks to work on their appearance at different ages. Originally it wasn’t for public consumption, but figured it’s a good time for a new vote incentive (being the start of the month) and you guys might enjoy seeing it.

Other news:
I spent a lot of money buying a portable tablet. On the down side I spent more than I was planning, on the bright side, the comic updates while I travel this month are more or less assured now even if the buffer doesn’t make it all the way, and I’ll be able to keep providing bonus sketchbook (there is a new one, btw, but’s weird…), vote incentives, and other content as well. So overall it’s a good thing! 😀