Argh. So many words. It’s like I’m paying penance for all those wonderful text-free action sequence pages.

Writing Peter in this form is hard, because he’s a better speaker than I am a writer when he’s like that – I’m better at writing his more ponderously-erudite-yet-vaguely-petulant speech pattern.

And with all those words, I’d be staggered if nothing was spelled wrong, though I’ve scoured through it a few times, feel free to let me know if I’ve gone full dumb-dumb (if there aren’t any errors, it means someone beat you to correcting them, not that I wasn’t a dumb-dumb…).

I tried to convey some level of… discomfort in Otte, but I’m not exactly an master of conveying facial expression especially when I only have the bottom half of the face to work with šŸ˜› ; but that’s why his font is randomly different here. I dunno.

Wonder who the Kor’s World solider is after? Bet that won’t come up again… šŸ˜‰