A double page to celebrate the start of chapter 2!

Combining the effort to step up the art and the doing a double page was probably not the wisest decision, but that’s why I update from a buffer, so I can make dumb decisions, and still not update late.

It’s not everything I could dream of in art – originally I was planning on spending more panel time on the spell effects, but eh, I’m honestly still not quite settled on how best to render them, and they didn’t look that impressive, so I went for better pacing instead.

Most characters up to this point have referred power used in magic as “mana”; the fact that the power is referred to as “psonic”, “psions”, etc, here doesn’t indicate its a different power, rather, the IDS refers to it differently, being that the majority of their personal come from another world; its been mentioned in comic, but where the IDS are from magic is a relatively recently widespread phenomena; thus the first widespread understanding of magic was already systematic, scientific and understood.

Generally it’s still referred to overarching as “magic” by the IDS… because even as a largely systematically understood concept… it’s still magic. 🙂



Unrelated to anything around here; a comic I read Not-A-Villian is having a Kickstarter for their 3rd book. If you haven’t read their comic, I highly recommend it:

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The art is a little rough; but if you are following my comic, you’ve seen worse!