I confess, Sparrow copied between the 4 and 5th panel with minor edits. I don’t usually do that! I made a bit of a mistake and only realized a little bit before this page was going up that he wasn’t (for reasons I don’t understand) in the last panel, yet should clearly be visible. I figured this was a good enough solution, but wanted to justify that I’m dumb, not lazy!

Most mages with the ability to pull off what the level of magic our white haired friend is currently use (a layered levitation spell, a pretty fancy shield, and rather weight type spell, for those counting) are registered by the country they belong to – and for good reason. Generally (as is the case in Malsa) these mages are strongly encouraged to register rather than strictly required to, but are given protection and benefits for doing so. In many questions such registration is likely mandatory, though as there wouldn’t be an easy way of detecting a mages skill level if they didn’t want you to, it would likely rarely be foolproof.

The implementation of visual sound effects (… yes, I did just type “visual sound effects” and expect it to make sense…) continues to involve. I’m not sure “Bang” was particularly appropriate, but it seemed traditional, so I figured what the heck.