Chapter 2 officially starts!

The Comic Side:

Chapters are, admittedly, pretty arbitrary at this point. Levinworth and its students aren’t exactly going anywhere, and we will certainly return for far greater depth into what they study and dynamics of the school, as well as the people at it.

Most of my goals for Chapter 2 are art related.

Primarily three:

1) I want to start working more flexible faces and varied eye shapes.

2) I want to increase the detail of backgrounds.

3) I want to more frequently work with somewhat more zoomed out shots – previously when I made characters small I lost a lot of details, but I think that the 2nd panel of the last page of Chapter 1 indicates that at this point I can draw characters both clearly and a little smaller, allowing for panels that are a little more dynamic.

I want to thank all current readers for reading! You guys are awesome. I especially want to thank anyone that’s shared comments; it cannot be overstated how nice it is to hear from readers.

The Business Side:

The comic has seem some reader growth and some ad revenue growth – I’m still working on optimizing that, but I don’t suspect we’ll be paying any bills with it soon. On that note, I’ll throw out there that there are some pretty awesome Patreon goals out there – including bringing us up to 5 comics a week! :p

I’m continuing to look for ways to attract new readers; on this front I will try to provide more consistent new voting incentives; TWC is a decent source of traffic if you can get on the front page (we’ve made some progress, currently #299, which is pretty good considering The Far Side of Utopia is pretty new and (lets face it) still working out some kinks as a rookie effort, especially with art.

My goal is more currently to grow and invest in building a readerbase and fans rather the turn a profit yet, and as such I reinvest a fair bit of my ad revenue into targeted Project Wonderful campaigns – I particularly like to advertise on sites with story comics in same genre as mine – throw me a suggestion if you know of a site with a Project Wonderful ad slot that you also read.


Once again, thank you for reading! I always appreciate your comments, feedback, and presence! 🙂