For those wondering the technical details – she is using the same velocity shift ability she used on previous appearances to “fly”. It simply changes the directional velocity of a specific Form within the calculation ring; by casting six sequentially with the correct timing she can accelerate an object far faster than most mages could ever how to accomplish with a single one – even people that could cast multiple acceleration shifts, to correctly time them in sequence effect the object passing through would be impossible for most natural mages.

There are diminishing returns though, as the faster an object is going the more energy it requires to accelerate it further – while six in sequence is far stronger than one, it is not six times faster. Eventually we’ll see bits and pieces more about how magic interacts with physics in this setting, but it’s NSFPM (not-safe-for-physics-majors). Sometimes the whole philosophy major thing gets the better of me, if the references to Eidos didn’t give that way 😀