I think I’m getting the hang of this Friday-comic-cliffhanger stuff… we’ll have to get some more cliffs in here though.

I’ve been torn on how much technical commentary to include in Ila’s part, this is sort of a compromise, but still a lot of text. Fortunately she probably thinks faster than most people 🙂

[Technical Plot Rambling]

The shockwave that destroys the car windows (and ruffles poor Mium’s cloak) is simply created from the rock traveling very fast – removing the rock doesn’t remove the shockwave, and since the mass doesn’t actually change, doesn’t create any real explosion or vacuum.

I’ve referenced “True Form” or “Hard Typed” form before – it just means real objects – you can create real objects with magic, but its way harder than creating the glowy “Soft Typed” or ethereal objects like the green hand that still interact with the world, but are not real types of matter; they’re just Eidos Data that the real world is trying to deal with 🙂 Dispersing those is possible in a variety of ways, but even a strong enough burst of psionic particles disrupts them – it’s like writing in the sand than coming through with a sandblaster – real objects are like things written on steel plates – you can can sandblast them down, but its way harder and not normally practical for most people – there are simply easier ways of destroying objects for most mages, and its exponentially harder the more layers of data something has – like living things, and worse yet living things with their own Key (like humans).

[/Technical Plot Rambling]

Hope you all have a good weekend, and productively read many webcomics!

Now, I’m not the kind of person to tell you to do things like vote for us on TWC, but I’ll leave you with a message from Naomi…


That will be all.