I know some people that try to stop their computers from doing things they don’t want them to do by kicking them in real life…

I suppose it’s worth elaborating on the last panel – those that managed to decipher the last page my be confused – if he could disrupt her spell to stop her from flying backwards, why can’t he just do it again here? This time she just jumped rather than relaying on a spell to change her momentum.

Since neither of them were using magic when she kicked him and he was able to stop it effortlessly, she realizes that means his density is far greater than hers – assuming they have anything close to parity on jumping strength, she can easily jump far higher than he can.

Fun fact. This page was drawn from sketch to finished product in one sitting! I think I need to go take a stretch break.

Went swimming for the first time since the injury – can’t swim for crap, but it inspired sending the cast of the comic to the beach for the newest vote incentive. See (the now expired vote incentive) here! – you can vote here for the latest one!