Hmmm. I think most of the things I could say are spoilers. We did have a clever commenter observing that breaking the racquet is a good tactic – and typically it would work well if you had a technique like what Kally’s… but we’ve seen that objects Naomi is holding tend to get a little… weird.

I think it’s fair to say that straight up that was Kally’s first plan – no matter how strong you are making yourself, if you hit the a ball that has too much momentum to be stopped by your racquet, it’ll just go through it… one way or another! Does she have another plan? Mione seems to think so.

I wonder if Mione calls Naomi “our little monster” in audible range of Naomi. I’m not really not entirely convinced that Naomi would object. Maybe to the little the part. It’s not the first time Mione’s called Naomi a monster, but I feel I should not she’s probably not being literal before too many people start connecting dots down that road… πŸ˜‰

One way or another… Friday a point will be scored! Whose point will be it?! Does this page make it obvious? Is this page a devious red herring by a trolling author? Who can say!

We’ve seen the wispy ‘lightning’ effect before. It, like the sparks/glowing spots, is an effect of mana / psionic particles; and in-and-of-itself does not interact with matter. Generally, however, it’s indicative that physics teacher doesn’t like me anymore because I’m violating their stuff.


I wrote a blog about future of comic and stuff if you didn’t see it last and are inclined to wonder about these things; same tl:dr; I start a new job next week. Comic will march on. Possibly less updates in the short term.

I also recently made a subreddit called /r/storycomics; it’s a place to find and share longform webcomics. There is a long list of reasons I decided to make it, but the tl:dr is I’ve been meaning to improve reader tools for finding story comics – while once I had more ambitious plans, those will be at very least shelved as I start my new job and keep my hobbies on the purely creative end of the spectrum. I will put about 2 new story comics I’ve found from around the webΒ there everyday. I think I can keep that up for a few years… πŸ˜‰ Anyone else is welcome to share story comics, discuss, browse, etc. Those more familiar with reddit will know that the main comic reddits are not friendly to story comics, so I felt it this was a good idea to make a new refuge and repository for them. Keep in mind it’s for the benefit of readers as much or more then creators… no spammy!

Lastly, I want to thank all of you that have and continued to vote for us on TWC. We’ve reached ranks on that site that are both ridiculous and awesome, and I’m grateful for the support.