I will point out we have seen Mione with her eyes open before, several times. Even as far back as her first appearance. God damn the art used to be awful. That doesn’t count as whining about art! That’s whining about past events! That’s fair game! 😛

I don’t think Ila is patient enough to watch other people play. I also think she’s going to get spoiled at this rate. It’s worth noting that Arkady probably has a fairly good idea Ila is not your typically kid, even if there is no way he could know what she is; this is probably part of the reason he apparently volunteered to play against her.

Reading the page I guess it’s maybe not clear all the thought bubbles are Peter’s. They are. I will think on how to make that more clear at some point. I had three versions of this page; one with none of Peter’s thoughts, one with just the non-background ones, and one with all three like the version I posted. Ultimately I decided to go with this full one. I’ve been slowly leaning toward showing more thought bubbles (compared to historically showing none), especially with Peter. There are arguments both ways, but I think it’s fine as long as I don’t get too carried away with them… Ultimately there just aren’t that many chances to have Peter talk about what his thinking since his relation with neither Mium or Naomi really works that way.

In case it’s not clear, in panel 4 Lisa is moving closer to Mione. Arkady and Ila were sitting between them. I dunno why I felt compelled to clarify that, but somethings just need to be clarified!

I played around a little with the page background. Iterations will continue until morale page quality improves.

There is a new vote incentive, and it’s the result of our character poll from before. I posted the results in the comments to last comic if your curious, but the tl;dr of it was that unsurprisingly Naomi won, somewhat surprisingly Ila came second and Kally and (surprisingly) Mione tied for 3rd – I was pretty impressed by how many votes came in – was definitely a fun idea. I’ll probably do them in order from the poll for now – wouldn’t want to wear you guys out with constant polling 😉

What magic is Kally using now? Will Arkady survive playing against Ila? Will we be seeing magical tennis for a full chapter worth of updates at the rate this game is going? (No… no we won’t. At least. Not right now…).

There is a new blog post concerning the comic in my post-new-job life as of next week. Just in case you read this much rambling and thought, by golly, I need to read some more rambling! TL;DR – Don’t worry, comic will keep updating.