Admittedly this sort of seems like the second half of the last page rather then a proper Friday page. I keep failing at this ‘put a cliff hanger on fridays’ part of making webcomics… 😉

I definitely need more practice drawing action scenes. And we are just not going to talk about hands. Remember those good old days when I just stuffed hands behind speech bubbles as much as possible? I miss those days.

Will put a new vote incentive up this weekend – next on the list… Ila!

New job starts on Monday; if everything goes to plan I’ll have next weeks comics done before then; so at very least next weeks should be on track normally and we’ll see how much drawing I fit in during the week for the week after. I’m trying to move to a bit more of a streamlined art process. We’ll see how it goes, I’m guessing there will be a lot of little attempts to figure out how stuff more drawing time into smaller boxes.