As always… let me know if I spelled anything wrong… πŸ˜€ …

I’m like 80% sure she’s cheating at this point, but… yeah. Seems legal. Just unfair.

I think I need to go to sound effects 101; each time I don’t have one I sort of regret it, then I remember the annoyance that is trying to walk that fine line of sound effects text between good, cheesy, and stupid.

Not going to deny the art is a little rushed, but I’m optimistic on three comics this week (Friday’s will almost certainly be Friday afternoon or Saturday morning though), but I think most people would rather getting the updates done. It’s always a bad sign when I’m tempted to write a page of text under it explain wtf is going on like today’s and yesterday’s. Maybe someday I’ll do a light-novel adaption. Oh god. So many spelling errors. Nevermind. πŸ˜›

I realized sometime when doing the panels that I’d created a hell of a tangent line with the net again in the 4th panel. For those confused, there are in fact only 5 panels. I tried to muck with the border colors and lines to make it more obvious that the 4th panel is only one panel. I did it again in panel 2, but it’s less bad as the ball is crossing it. Β That net is just like a tangent line waiting to happen. Art department needs an Art Solutions Architect.

And yes, I’m playing with magic circles again. I will likely never be happy with them.