This comic may give the wrong idea – Naomi is not really using the same ability we’ve seen Mium do. While the end effect is similar in this case (using compressed mana break apart Eidos form – think of it as using a sandblaster on an engraving, the less deeply it’s written, the easier it is to blast away) the mechanics are fairly different.

Naomi’s tactic here is different in several ways – first, it’s using the ball as focal point. Like a ‘burst’ round, she dumping a huge amount of mana into a physical object causing it to scour Eidos objects near it out of existence. Second, she’s just relying on applying more mana to a point – in this case as Kally made the barrier across the entire court, overwhelming it at a point isn’t phenomenally hard; concentrating mana in general is hard though as it tends to diffuse.

As the thought bubbles may indicate, Naomi spends little time considering these factors.

On the bright side, I think I’ll be able to get Monday’s comic on this time. Have a handful of things to do this weekend, but it’s not super packed.

Here’s to hoping that that’s a sign of better times of comic stability, and appreciate y’all sticking with it and being understanding through the bumpy bit here 😛