…and after our brief Friday mishap we are back to magical tennis.

To be honest I cutting between the tennis match and Miko was probably one of those ideas that seemed slightly better in the planning stage. The tennis match is very low information density but with a lot of action scenes, while Miko’s scene is the exactly opposite. I’m still not sure it’s a bad idea, but it seems sort of arbitrary the way it ended up so far šŸ˜‰

I’ll apologize for Friday’s missed comic; I don’t know if we’ll do 2 or three this week. I was previously optimistic, but we are already behind schedule šŸ˜€ Was busy with certification stuff for work over the weekend, trying to slog through all this now and should have more time later. Unfortunately there is a lot more slogging to go. Still, a few weeks (which seems like a long time) and we should be through this and getting toward where work can be properly stuffed in it’s box.

The page probably skips a lot of panels, but I couldn’t go at 2 pages per point for the whole match… šŸ˜

I imagine they will have to bring some flashier moves to the table though, with it being tied up still… šŸ™‚