I remember those people… we just saw them not too long ago.

Their armor is not, in fact, purely ornamental. The armor very strong when the boost engine is running – much like Naomi however, it is far more venerable when not powered up (and even than it’s fairly decent against small arms fire). F5 managing to score a hit against it, but there were several extenuating circumstances (and even than the armor could have recovered the users mobility if he hadn’t disabled it, as the damage was minimal). That said, this round was pretty depleted from it’s firing velocity. Even for Ila is the upper limit of effective range when all you have to work with is starting velocity (well, that and being able to see what you are shooting at, but it seems Mium is helping with that…).

The car ended up being a little darker than planned with the whole night-time plus black car thing. Probably should have thought of that at some point. But there is no way I’m going to try to figure out streetlights so… 😛 It’s more or less impossible to tell due to aforementioned issue, but the front tires ripped off, leading the car the losing power and skidding along the ground. The variation of the magic is something we’ve already seen him use; it manipulates the effect of gravity in an area. This is something that I am prone to get sidetracked on… simply I suppose the magic is similar in effect to Ila’s weight shift magic, but less precise. The reduced precision comes with and advantage though, as directly using a weight shift on another mage would be very hard, while catching them in a zone of manipulated gravity is comparatively much easier (as you are not acting directly on them). There is still the potential for it fail, just like Rovak’s detonation magic failed against Tyler even though he wasn’t trying to act directly on him.

While Ila also is subject to complicated magic interaction, I will explain that in the future. Suffice it say that while Ila is stronger than a human her size and probably could pick up the rifle, there are numerous physics complications involved with her current situation (needless to say, firing a rifle of that size from the shoulder would be likely be impossible even for Ila, but those will be tackled next commentary as I’ve gone off on my little tangents too much for this one already… 😉

Technically speaking that is the same gun Mium retrieved (stole) from the Avon the operatives who were trying to save Jayce. I acknowledge that it has several key differences in appearance. I chose to ignore them, as the last time I drew it was like… years ago. And I don’t need to tell you I sucked at drawing things years ago.