Been awhile since I put “Comic for Friday”. Least I got to work in a bit of a cliff hanger for old times sake? Meh, work with you got, as they say.

I’ll be busy tomorrow so against my better judgement uploading this fresh off the press. Hopefully I am less bleary than I feel and I haven’t put random gibberish all over the page. It’s been a long day. I fear the scene cut may be a bit confusing, as we’ve skipped ahead a few minutes from when we last saw Naomi. Needless to say, the situation did not spend that time improving.

Back to Monday/Thursday next week, and I think the buffer should be repaired (with Monday’s hitting Patreon on Saturday).

Speaking of Patreon, we do have some good news, we’ve hit the first Patreon goal! I intend to treat goals as a watermark, so even if we fluctuate back under I’m counting it as marked (though, of course, I’d just as soon we stay over that level 😉 ). The goal means we’ll have a 10-15 page bonus comic, called Minus Years; its a prequel occurring when Peter was with the IDS. Initially it’ll be on the Patreon for backers, but eventually (timing still pending) it’ll be out in the wild, so it’s good news for everyone 😛

I will be putting up a new goal once I have a grasp on delivery of this one. I think for the next one I will let people vote what comic-time-period/character they want a bonus comic story from, between Minus Years II or various other to-be-determined options. There is more backstory than could ever realistically be worked into the main comic, so I view the bonus comics as a good opportunity for that.

As always, I really appreciate anyone that can back on Patreon; thanks to our newest Patreon, and to all that have joined in as we’ve chugged along – you’re all part of hitting the goal and keeping the comic going. Sometimes bonus content is light there as the main effort always has to be the comic, but it does help, and rewards will definitely be filled there.

Of course,  I have plenty of appreciation to go around for everyone here – especially the strange folks that make it all the way through these rambling commentaries 😉 Sleepy time, g’night.