We’ve seen a little bit here and there that Naomi knows many of the Levenworth students already (though, notably, not Tyler as he came the year she left), though I don’t think it’s been all much in the forefront. It probably explains why she typically wants Peter to play nice with them.

I’d like to point out in my defense (as someone that has been accused of having way-too-many-character-itis) technically only one of these characters is a new character; though we hadn’t seen Lisa’s name before we did see her pretty early on. We’ll probably see more about these new characters and how Naomi knows such things about them in time.

Pages will definitely be a little on the later side for a bit still (sorry Patreon people!). We are still babying the wrist in the hopes that it goes back to normal-wrist-functionality. It’s not too bad right now but don’t want to push it.