Okay… most of you probably saw that one coming. I’m not going to argue that every plot element is unpredictable, that would be predictable! 😛

Anyway… that wraps up chapter 4! We’ve got a lot of pieces scattered – Tyler’s going to have some burning questions, Ila’s going to have some large adjustments, Miko will be venturing out, Kally will surely just be ignored gracefully, and so much more!

I wouldn’t get used to Naomi’s current hair style, she’ll certainly have a pony tail again next time we see her 😉 I suspect Ila’s hair will look slightly different too…

So… the good news is that there will probably be no break/hiatus from the wrist problems. While we may run a little late here and there as we just ate the buffer, my wrist seems okay for now. However I will be taking it a little easy on the drawing for a bit, and unfortunately I still have other things I need to draw as well, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s still bothering me somewhat, but I’ll try to only draw for shorter periods of time and do the various stretches for it as much as I can.

Really appreciate everyone for reading (and commenting!) along with the story so far, and I’m sure that the best is yet to come! Hope everyone had a great holiday!