Happy new years all!

Holy crap, it’s a new year! Well, looking forward to putting out another year of the comic (and probably many more), it’s been a fun ride so far. I won’t get all sappy, but hey, it’s a thing! Thanks for reading all 😉 I guess the biggest change is I had to change how I save the WIP pages… I used to call them Comic[Month]-[Day]… suddenly that seems like a bad idea…!

Sorry that it’s up little late, but hopefully all that sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for it (which I’m certain everyone does! 😉 )helped you make to ringing in the new year 😉 I really wanted to have a new vote incentive for you, but I’m still sort of limping along here with the wrist. I think it’s getting better though, so I promise I’ll stop using it as an excuse soon! (I’m sure I’ll find a new one… 😐 )

As for the comic… ah. That’s about all there is to say. Graciousness thy name is Peter? I doubt he ever learned please or thank you either…

It appears there is someone that looks sort of like Ila that’s obsessed with tasty food, but has orange-ish hair. Wtf is going on there? On that note, I’ve had several debates with people if Arkady’s hair is orange or pink. Apparently there is a fine but distinct line between the two, because there are some die hard supporters on both sides… I won’t poison the well with my opinion, but feel free to share your vote 😛

Did you know that Kally’s real magical ability is to appear at the top of a flight of stairs just by crossing her arms and looking cross? True story! (… err.. maybe I’m not telling the truth there…)

Well, here’s to another year!