Been a long time since we’ve seen this fellow. I imagine it’s days like this that have contributed the whiteness of poor Arron’s hair.

Sorry that the page is a little late. Next wednesday’s update I should be back home, so we are the on the home stretch of this try-to-update-while-on-vacation thing. So… should be getting better!

AI (artificial intelligence) doesn’t really mean much on it’s own – in the real world or the comic world. The problems (and the perks) kick into high gear when an AI becomes adaptable – notably, self-adapting. When it detects and fixes problems it encounters. That’s when it really starts coming down to purpose and flexibility.

I wince every time Arron says one of their names… my rule is supposed to be once we have their name they go on the character page, but it’s sort of fallen behind. It’s on the to-do-when-I-get-home-list! 😀

Also, I think Arron may swear more than most any other character in the comic so far. Though that might just be the sort of day he’s having.