EDIT: Wednesday’s comic sill be a little late. estimate 2pm wednesday

Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to change my avatar now… 🙁

I mentioned that I was considering changing how I draw the little magic circles/calculation rings, and this is not what I was talking about. “But,” I hear you say “these are totally different!”; that’s true, but this is merely me trying to recreate the old ones with the tools on hand 😛

Sorry it’s a little late (and as usual, double sorry to Patreon folks – light at end of tunnel on that, but still a ways off till we are back in the saddle). I have no good excuse. It was sunny and bringing my drawing tablet to the beach seemed like a bad idea. I’m sure this makes people feel very sorry for me… 😐

While I’m enjoying the vacation, I’m looking forward to getting back to my desk and tablet and what not and putting in some extra miles here, so throughout January I’ll try to do some cool stuff around here and Patreon (starting around the 8th – I get back the 7th and will have to sleep).

That said, I’m going to shamelessly suggest that if you can wing it, voting for us over at TWC on the 1st would be a great help – it feels a little (okay, a lot) cheap to bring that up when I’ve failed to feed you proper voting incentives for awhile, but it does help out and I’ll put a second tick on the IOU (I already over a tick there from the ridiculous job folks have pitched into help getting us to #66… I probably have a few ticks in the IOU on the vote incentive front).

As always, I really appreciate all those that read and enjoy this comic – it’s really the greatest thing, doubly so for all the awesome (and insane) people that make it to the end of these bizarre rambling commentaries… 😉