…wait, it’s not Monday?


Next week will also be a little hit or miss due to housing/moving stuff on-going.

I will provide a bit of context for this page, as the clues to what is going on are all there, but a bit scattered.

  • The Families have previously given up their power to the Consul; the exact nature of this deal is unknown, but a fair number of Families did not support it, and are known as the rogue families.
  • If the Consul were to die, it essentially triggers a race condition for which fallback condition would be triggered first, if a new a Consul was appointed or the Families took back power.
  • It’s more complicated than just having a majority, as the Families have a record of strongest-politics (the votes of the most powerful members do not official count for more, but they can and do bully other families into voting their way).
  • For reasons, some people think the Consul might be dead.
  • Not everyone here is a Family head. Families are not strictly color coded by hair, but frequently have some degree of preference toward a side of the spectrum.
  • Ash is Camilla’s younger brother, as Camilla doesn’t have an heir, that’d make him the next in line.

I dunno, I’m pretty out of it. Got about 3-4 hours of sleep last night and there isn’t enough caffeine in the world to make the world be in color right now. I think that’s enough for this page to make sense. I considered waiting longer till I could read this page when I was confident I was sentient, but I didn’t want to delay too much longer 🙂