You can tell we are back from the interlude because all the main characters are back-… wait. Uh. I mean, we have seen at least one of these characters before… 🙂

So this was obviously a bit of a stretch to make by today, but I said tonight, so… wanted to get it up tonight. I would say a second comic this week isn’t still a maybe; I wish that weren’t so, but I don’t want to say for sure and not make it 😐

This won’t be the new status quo forever; I don’t really know for sure when things will sort out, but they will eventually and things will get back to normal here. Or better than normal, who knows. If this does go on long enough, I’ll change things up – either quit my job or hire an artist… of those the first one is more likely the second. But things will probably limp along for a bit this way, at least for this month.