A comic!

I am going to try pretty hard to get another comic up Thursday. I cannot sign that in a blood or anything as this week is still going to be sort of shitty with various hassles, but I think it’s doable and would keep us at least 1/comic a week.

By the end of next week, the time of troubles should mostly be resolved. My next and hopefully last car troubles should be dealt with Monday, the house troubles should be over at the end of month, the personal troubles are mostly related to the house troubles, which should leave only the work troubles… and 1/4 troubles barely even counts as a time of troubles. The work troubles will probably be on going until at least end of September at this point, but on their own shouldn’t be so bad.

Anyway, sorry for all the delays, and I haven’t forgotten about the comic. A lot of the problem this time around is that as part of the house troubles I wanted to replace my desk and my tablet set up to put it on a swivel-arm thing, as that’s how a drawing tablet works best, and my current desk cannot support that weight/balance, so I’ve been trying to switch desks, but with the house troubles I didn’t get a chance to set up the new desk (I have it, I just cannot really swap out furniture for right now for stupid reasons), so I was waiting to set that up, but never got a chance to set it up, so have gone back to my old set up for now and will try to do that next month I guess.