I spent the weekend moving furniture, and I think I pulled my everything muscle.

I’m dead tired and probably not 100% sober, though I’m pretty sure that the words sort of swimming on the screen is more the tired than anything else. Probably a little more on the typo side than usual, I’ll swing by tomorrow to fix those. Would be funny though if I made less typos while bleary than I do in better conditions though, I guess.

This page (and the last) might seem like a bit of a tangent. I would sort of agree, but the outline seems to think they are important, and I’m not of a mind to argue with the version of me that wrote the outline, as he was probably smarter than the version of me that’s sitting here typing this. We will get back to characters people know pretty soon.

I’m pretty close to being done with the time of troubles. New tablet stand is still not set up as it needs another mounting bracket thing – people say it works as is, but if a flimsy mounting stand dropped a very expensive tablet I’d be pretty sad. Thus far I’ve drawn with the tablet just sitting on the desk propped up on books and stuff, but I think it’ll be a lot easier to draw with it actually mounted on an arm thing, and now I have the desk space to do that.

On that note, the art on this page is a bit rough… I’m aware of that. Won’t say it’ll get suddenly great, but it’ll probably at least be back up to my usual standard next page. I am going to say Thursday again (end of day), though I know that last time I said that I turned out to be a liar, so… that’s about all me saying that’s worth at this point πŸ˜€ I’ll see what I can do.

Anyway, hope ya’ll had a good weekend.