Well, so, as some of you might have noticed, this isn’t last Thursday.

That’s unfortunate.

But we do have a comic. And, as some of you might have noticed if you are patreon folks… we have a full comic page. Currently I am thinking we probably won’t have a Thursday page despite it already… well, existing. I really want to get some form of buffer existing again. So if I can draw another full page before Thursday, I’ll post the buffer as the Thursday page, otherwise I’ll save it till Monday. I want to get back to at least 2 half page updates a week, but if we don’t get a buffer, we will never have an actual schedule, and I think the schedule I’ve been posting at is extremely annoying, so I’d rather not keep doing this to you all.

As for the actual page… been awhile since we’ve seen Peter. Well, not that long I suppose.

In the bad news, house troubles have continued to an extent. In the good news, I have my tablet finally set up again! Hopefully this means more drawing time, which means more comics and maybe the return of some random doodles and sketches… we’ll see. I still have a lot on my plate, and if we are being honest to get this page + the next page done today I’ve moved some stuff off my plate for today I probably shouldn’t have, so the chance of getting another page before Thursday isn’t super high. But I think we gotta start somewhere with getting the buffer back and getting updates to be not a crap shoot. Once we are back to just work troubles, I think we should get back to at least two reliable half-pages a week for awhile, though I can already say that there are likely to be interruptions in November and February (unless I decide to ditch my job by then and build up more of a buffer… we’ll see).

Anyway… ’tis a bit on the late side (I need to be up in… let’s see.. about 5 hours… that seems like a reasonable sleep schedule…), so going to hit post now. I would like to note that this part of the story was outlined a long time ago… Peter’s sleeping condition is in no way related to mine right now… wait… thinking about it I don’t think I was getting a lot of sleep back then either… ah, well… 😐

PS: Archive order should be fixed again