Naturally Kally’s story would… probably not line up with Peter’s story. Kally believes that Peter can control the weather, but Peter would believe (to keep Kally’s vaguely awkward metaphor) that it is the actions of people that make the weather, and the actions of people can be influenced. I had sort of thought we’d be further in Minus Years by this time, but that’s not been realistic to work on lately. I would also note that if you find the metaphor/story somewhat off… well, remember, this is Kally speaking. She does not do words good, per se. She is the person that not that long ago struggled to make it through a conversation that couldn’t be solved with saluting.

There is also an intentional dissonance between the sentiment in panel 5 and 11. Kally would like to believe in Peter’s schemes (well, some of them, anyway), but she also still worries, and therefor is not above smashing something she thinks will wreck them. I.e. she wants to believe the sky will clear because the optimistic meteorologist said it would, but when she sees a rain cloud lingering, well, she’s not above helping a prediction come to pass by her own methods for fear that the prediction she likes will be ruined by it.

I think Kally once believed that Peter had disappeared in order to abandon his plans, but is slowly shifting to believe that he disappeared as part of his plans. I doubt she will forgive him for disappearing in general, but, well, it’s complicated.

…That’s probably more context than I should give to a page, but I feel like we’ve seen less of Kally and Peter’s dynamic than I expected by now, so that it’s fair to say more about it.