Sorry this is so late. So what happened is I decided to push through and finish the whole page, and that took a lot longer than anticipated. I think I underestimated how much time it takes to draw a full page as I’ve been drawing half pages a lot recently, and it was a page with a lot of dialog and few complicated panels. Particularly drawing the dragon always takes a bit, as that’s not exactly in my wheel house, and it sort of ruins the effect of it if it looks too silly. But it does mean Monday’s comic is done. I will probably push that Tuesday again to space them out, but if I can work on the buffer again, we’ll go back to Monday/Thursday. I know the variable schedule is a tad annoying.

For the record, no, it is not intentionally that Sophie’s hair looks vaguely like Tyler’s, if less extreme an example. But particularly when hair starts getting floater and longer I’ve noticed it sort of does… these things happen.

The null caster almost certainly could have stopped Sophie from making the stairs right in front of him, but I think he is operating under the rules of engagement protocol of “I really don’t want to”, particularly with Elizabeth there too now and everything that’s going on. He definitely thought about it, but didn’t have that long to decide.

While Toki is more clever than Elizabeth, Elizabeth has dealt with Nathan before, and consequently treats any assumption that he want cause trouble as laughable.