Sorry this so late. To space things out a bit, I’m going to post the next comic Tuesday, but I hope to get it down a bit before then, I just want to space things out a bit since that has pushed so close to Monday.

I sort of ended up redrawing a fair bit of this page for reasons, so it took a bit more time then expected, and ended up having less time than expected on Friday to finish it, combined with the page itself took awhile to draw and write, as I fiddled with the dialog a bit. I’m still not exactly happy with it, Atter is probably the character I struggle to write the dialog for the most… which is probably a good thing, really. The thing about Atter’s dialog is I think it relies too much on an inflection I struggle to render in text. I dunno, I probably over think these things.

Stabbing someone with an object you are controlling with magic does not necessarily bypass the effect of magical resistance, though it’s certainly easier than controlling their form directly. Kally is pretty good at the sort of “telekinetic” magic (just manipulating the location/movement data of stuff around here). It is probably her most used magic, though less notable than the whole Dragon bit (that part stands out a good bit more, and thus is the source of her moniker). Tyler is also quite good at it, and it’s not really a coincidence that both of them would be good at it. It’s a magic that heavily favors people with powerful zone of control (the amount of control they have the Eidos data around them), which both of them excel at, as well as people with very large amount of awareness and processing of data, which Kally also is good at, and Tyler has somewhat innately due to his innate magic effecting all the data around him. Tyler’s advantage there is he is far better at manipulating data he cannot see, while Kally is fairly dependent on vision. She struggles with controlling multiple magical effects at the same time, but at this point the dragon, while drawing an enormous amount of power, doesn’t really seem to need much active controlling.

As for non-comic relating rambling…

Things are looking up a bit on the front of work (not as much as if I actually quit, but hey…) but I’ve gotten a new long term project. Last week was the last week that I was booked to multiple projects at the same time, as of next week it’s just the new project and support hours for everything else. The downside is that that project is once again in what we call timezone hell which means they manage to frequently have meetings at both 5am and 11pm in my timezone, which, as I point out to them, makes sleeping a bit difficult, as that would leave me a maximum of 5 hours to sleep between their meetings, assuming I could magically fall asleep as soon as the meetings ended. But that project still seems to be an improvement, as the actual project itself is not a currently a dumpster that is currently on fire… more just annoying. This hopefully means that I will have more time to draw the comic, assuming I figure out when I am actually supposed to sleep. Maybe the offshore resources will be motivated, competent, and self driven and not end up needing my help frequently and I’ll be able to go back to a normal schedule- oh… I’ve fallen asleep and am dreaming, aren’t I? 😐