Sorry, this one ran a little late. Bit of shuffling of pages and schedules.

Ila is a little fuzzy on the difference between tired and hungry, but that’s because they are generally pretty similar for her. She is often sleepy when trying to only eat human food, as its a little hard for her to eat enough human food to stay operational (though she gives it a dedicated effort). She would be less constantly hungry if she eats what she is supposed to, but she avoids doing so in order to eat more tasty food. And yes, she’s using one of her magic barriers as luggage cart. It’s something that’s only been briefly touched on, but she ever since uplinking to Mium’s system, her control over her magic is somewhat more refined.

Referring her brother being back is a bit more obtuse, in a similar way to how Naomi differentiates between MYM and Mium. She’s more or less always somewhat connected to MYM currently, but Mium’s actual attention is often elsewhere. With the return of the prototype, a great deal more of Mium’s “personality” is back in Malsa, meaning that he’s a lot more likely to talk to people interacting with his systems (even if they aren’t interacting with the prototype itself). The data Ila is referring was almost certainly already available previously, but she doesn’t typically pay attention to raw data unless Mium tells her to, or she for some reason cares. Ila is arguably worse at being a computer than Miko is.

MYM can talk without his prototypes (obviously), but they contain quite a lot of what most people view as his personality, that does things like talks directly to Naomi, Ila, and Miko (and engages in mass insult based warfare with the later of those).

The reason Ila largely ignored the data previous is the reason she doesn’t quite seem to have grasped why she should care about it yet either. She doesn’t really process that as a threat.