Happy 2022!

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I don’t have the Q&A done yet, the good news is that means you can still submit questions if you have them. I’ll probably answer anything that comes in before around Friday or so, and probably post the Q&A with next week’s comic, though I’m not going to sign that blood. It’s too early in the year to break blood signed contracts yet.

Misc additional Information

  • Kally has a transit card, but as she’s implying it’s an IDS card, which might cause problems to use currently (though it almost certainly wouldn’t for Mium related reasons, she wouldn’t just assume that at the moment).
  • The blue haired lady I don’t think we’ve seen before, but is related to Acalia, the teleporting lady who was disarmed by Naomi some time ago after shooting Tyler.
  • The black haired bloke I don’t think we’ve seen before.
  • The off world assassins probably refers to David’s group that “killed” the Consul. They had planned to retreat through the gates, but Mium took over the gates before they could, stranding them. Ashvalt was trying to hunt them down before being distracted by the attempted kidnapping thing.
  • Peter just assuming doors and gates open when he walks up to them is not really a new thing for him, to point where he seems a bit fuzzy on the concept.
  • The hair tie is an enduring mystery, but it seems like it was something Peter gave Kally a long time ago, though there may be more to the story.