Yes, he did drop a business card in panel 8. What can I say, he’s prepared. Does it say “good guy” on it? πŸ˜›

The step in which he repairs her probably let allowed him to examine rather in depth what she is. I wasn’t really sure how to portray that better, so I just sort of left it implied.

I’m going to guess Mium at least had a pretty good inkling what her wake up reaction would be. He was actually present at their last encounter. He has a sniper rifles souvenirΒ to prove it. REF is likely unaware Mium was present that time. He may want to upgrade his acting software. I wasn’t convinced of his heartbroken status. Fortunately REF seemed to have a vested interest in fixing (and therefor examining) Ila either way πŸ˜‰

Of course, now we’ll see if Mium suffers a similar fate. He doesn’t seem to be much higher on her list of favorite people last we checked πŸ™‚