The last two panels take place in the hospital; I realize that we sort of missed a scene where Arkady split off from the rest of the folks in the room to go to the hospital to get patched up. He was probably expected to stay in the hospital from there, but clearly the idea did not appeal to him. Since Ila wanted no part of hospitals he left her Eliana (as we saw earlier), but I doubt he was particularly happy about that, though I reckon he wasn’t left with too many options as far as avoiding the hospital himself.

Arkady’s probably right that showing up to the Family meeting bandaged in and in borrowed clothes from the hospital would be sort of weird, but realistically he just doesn’t want to go.

The tower they are referring to earlier is connected to the hospital, but not really open to just walking through to it, since it’s owned by Regin’s family. He’s just worried about leaving Ila, though he likely suspects that Eliana knows at least something about Ila from the earlier conversation, which is probably why he left her there in the first place. Arkady knows Eliana (and other members of that Family) pretty well, and likely trusts her more than most people. Ashvalt and Regin have been pretty closely allied for a long time even if they have their difference, their kids are largely more closely aligned than they are.