It’s a page!

I think I’ve perfected the art of posting a page for the week just as ya’ll reckon I’ll miss it and give up on me posting one 😀

I think it was noted back when Arkady was getting roughed up that he, like many Family mages, tends to be quite a bit more durable than most people. Most of the Family mages have some degree of natural talent to boost their physical durability (we also saw this with Camilla to a much greater extent).

I’ll leave you guys to imagine on how young!Naomi broke her arm, though we may hear more about the incident in the future, but I assure you it was as ridiculous as you expect.

Obviously, despite not being a Family mage, Naomi takes that to levels that even Family mages tend to find ridiculous, as she doesn’t even really seem to understand the idea of being injured beyond needing to take a nap occasionally. Sort of like Naomi only seems to have a vague grasp about how most people navigate around furniture instead of vaulting over it.

Sorry pages continue to be late… lot of things to tackle right now.