This would be more surprising to you guys if you were guys were less observant… šŸ˜› Well, maybe not.

Now I suppose we all have to wonder if Peter is aware that telephones were invented quite some time ago. Maybe this just simply tickles his need for meladrama? šŸ˜› Arron does not seem all that surprised, I somehow don’t think he expected to end the day with Peter arrested. Somehow I think the IDS Analysts have a new story to grossly over-exaggerate around the water cooler. They will probably at least add a puff of smoke… šŸ˜‰

If you haven’t seen the first voting incentive, check it out soon! A new one will probably be up tomorrow (aiming for one per update or so, maybe more!). I’ll post ’em all over on Patreon after they are voting inventive under the free section.