The answer is no, she has not learned to fly yet. It is one of her reoccurring sore spots. She would like to fly. I mean, we’ve seen that she and gravity have a bit of a loose relationship at times, but flying is hard.

The hole in the wall is not as big as it looks. Most of that hole was where the window used to be, and while I am not an engineer (of that kind) I imagine the whole window would sort of come out in our use case here. Whileย she apparently slightly missed the window, it seems she got at least some of it. Mium had slightly more subtle building entrance technique, I have to say. I guess people will have to start installing balconies with open doors to reduce hole-in-the-side-of-their-build-epidemic.

Make sure to check out the voting incentive soon, as it’ll be updated tomorrow (current Naomi – Nora costume, next (and already done!) Magnolia ballgown). Feel free to toss more suggestions in the ring as I am about halfway through them now. Don’t worry, I will put up a compiled version of them all on Halloween.

Really appreciate the level of support we’ve been getting. It it’s been great to see the comment count climb past 30 a few times now (even if a lot of those are me!) and it always makes me glad to see people enjoying/discussing the comic. It’s great to have the feedback and enthusiasm – having the readers along for the ride has made this definitely a better journey so far, so thank you all.