For the second time this month we have a comic for October 10th, weird.

I admit this Chapter sort of wanders a bit here, as while the plot still marches on, I think the coming chapter we are going to see a bit more insight into character motivations than we have in awhile. This is something I don’t particularly dwell on besides what can be implied from their actions, but sometimes events align in such a way that the spotlight tends to spin backward through time a little bit. Don’t worry, we probably won’t have a flashback in the main comic continuity right now. I am playing with various ideas of how to do them in bonus content, anything from the simplified art style I’ve been toying with (something that would probably only be used for funny side stories, but who knows), or a more written form with like 1-3 pages of dialogue per art page… don’t count on any of these things, and I might just do it them like I’ve done previous bonus comics – the same as these comics, but shorter (either quarter or half pages like this page).

The buffer is back up to a week, but it is doomed to be consumed as I’m heading into a lot of travel coming up, as I will be traveling at the end of both this month and the end of November; right now work isn’t bad though, so I’m making progress.

Speaking of which, we are almost at the closing window for Halloween costume ideas for the characters! We don’t have that many yet, so get them in soon if you have an idea!