So, mostly good news. The buffer is at +4 (two weeks) so that means there will be no gap while I’m out of the country. Unfortunately MayW is also going to be gone, so things will be mostly automated for a bit; I will keep an eye on comments for approving and the like via my phone, and I’ll upload everything to backend before I leave. Unfortunately building up the buffer has impacted the amount of bonus content for the month, but I figured people would rather the comic keeps updating than any of the details. Now that we have the buffer more or less safe for the long dark, I can start doing other stuff till I leave, and than probably work on Halloween incentive stuff mostly when I’m back (a few days before Halloween).

Summers is, as always, friendly and approachable, but Maggie is a difficult to phase. Usually it takes Maia jumping off roofs to accomplish perturbing her.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mir, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her, or her story. I don’t think Mir is what I would call sympathetic, but there are more pieces to the puzzle that is everyone’s favorite petulant and ax crazy doctor.