I feel like I should probably point that Naomi turns around between panels 1 and 3, to face Mium, not that Mium just disappears. This was pointed out to me as confusing, so I figured I’d preemptively mention it.

Miko’s apartment tends to be somewhat simplified from time to time, because there being posters all over its alls makes it hard to draw, which is why a suspicious amount of the shots of there tend to look at the same mostly empty bookcase. I could just put colored rectangles, which i do sometimes, or blurred versions of the old poster art, but both tend to look a little incongruous. I am aware that purple primate or mauve monkey are both more Miko-esque terms, but Miko was in mid change-the-subject and was not really at peak Miko-ology in vocabulary. I guess I’m saying its a intentional clumsy Miko-ification of phrasing.

I posted a breakdown of the in-comic day so far to a reply on Patreon that I think I will repeat here, because while its not really related to the page, I already typed it out and some people might find it helpful to keep track 😉

-The consul is having an early morning special meeting with advisers concerning the new developments regarding MYM.
-Peter meets Naomi while he was leaving where they are staying (a new unexploded place) on his way to leave for Levenworth; Naomi and Mium are not dressed in their school outfit, implying they are probably not going directly there.
-Arkady is already in route to Arpon, but this isn’t shown as we don’t get him for a bit.
-Peter is called into the consul’s office, so he heads there instead; this doesn’t take very long, implying he’s staying somewhere pretty close to the Consul’s office.
-Mium and Naomi go somewhere we haven’t seen yet, but looks like a generic office building of some sort; Mium detects that Arkady situation is going south, and convinces Ila to go there.
-Ila starts going toward Arpon… notably faster than Arkady went there.
-Peter arrives at the consul’s office, roughly the time the the Malsan’s detect Ila’s deployment, but at that point she’s most of the way to Arpon.
-Arkady actually fights with Kardus a bit longer than we saw, as most of this fight gets skipped in pages (though not all that long).
-Ila arrives where Arkady is in Arpon.
-Peter leaves the Consul’s meeting and starts heading out of the Consul’s office toward Levenworth.
-Mium bails out Ila. The alarm in the building that Naomi and Mium are in goes off, and Mium does not seem particularly talkative.